About Dee

About dee


Thank you for visiting my website!

I guess the old adage "time flies when you're having fun" must be true because I've been making my Dee Gann Santas now for over 35 years. This has also allowed me to make friends around the world. 

I guess I've always had a penchant for vintage fabrics, trims and trinkets and I think Santas are the most versatile items to make. They can be made from old quilts to fabulous velvets; even with glitz and glitter. Some or colorful while others are very mono-chromatic. My personal favorites are French Santas and all-cream colored Santas. 

You may be familiar with my santas: I have been profiled in magazines such as Country Crafts for Christmas, Country Home, Christmas Ideas, Country Living, Christmas Early American Life, Better Homes for Gardens Santa Magazine, and most recently, Chicago Home and Garden. 

I have also designed for such companies as House of Hatten, Raz, Frontgate catalog and Ragon House. 

I really feel I have found my "niche", and I thank God for allowing me the privilege of working at home in a studio that brings me joy and satisfaction. So, dear friend, if you wish to order a Santa, I encourage you to call or email me and hopefully I can meet with the idea in your mind's eye. I can be reached at deegann@gmail.com or 630-221-0990. Although I make Santas in all sizes,  I can only take orders for Santas $525 and up. 

Dee ​